By Holly Fallon, edited by Nicholas Chin.

Labor leader Annastacia Palaszczuk¬† says the Government’s car registration freeze scheme is a promise it will not be able to keep to Queenslanders.

The ALP speculates Queensland families are being used as an escape clause by the LNP, claiming the promise can not be fulfilled in its entirety as other car costs will still apply.

RACQ managing director Paul Turner supports the registration freeze scheme, saying Queensland is the most expensive state to own and operate a motor vehicle and this initiative is a necessity.

“We’re delighted that the new LNP government has promised to honour its pledge to freeze vehicle registration,” Mr Turner said.

“We think it will make a difference to Queensland motorists.”

Despite the LNP being unable to control third party insurance, Mr Turner says the Government can still eliminate some costs to Queensland drivers.

“As long as the Government holds its promise to freeze reistration, then that would lead to a $15 to $20 cut in what we would have paid regardless of what happens with CTP,” Mr Turner said.

Under the cost of living legislation, the LNP will act to promote the use of public transport by introducing discounted fares for regular commuters.

Although the proposal is praised, Mr Turner says rewarding regular commuters will not guarentee an effective result.
“You can’t replace car transport with public transport, but you certainly need a strong public transport system otherwise the whole city will grind to a halt,” Mr Turner said.