Brisbane has welcomed its new Catholic Archbishop, Mark Coleridge.

Hundreds gathered at St Stephen’s Cathedral in the CBD today to witness his installation.

Emilie Gramenz reports.


The new Archbishop arrived in magenta robes, greeting priests and representatives of the Archdiocese, and Premier Campbell Newman.

In his homily, Archbishop Mark Coleridge described his early life and his journey through the Church and his faith.

Mark Coleridge, Archbishop: “Through the years, the glimpse I had then has become a dazzling vision of the truth of the cross.”

Inside prominent Queenslanders and Catholic clergy gathered, while outside members of Brisbane’s Catholic Community watched the mass installation on a screen. It’s a significant event for Brisbane we haven’t had a new Archbishop for 20 years.

The new Catholic head is taking over from the long-standing John Bathersby, and seems prepared for the challenge.

Mark Coleridge, Archbishop: “There are many people who are disappointed in the Church. I know that. I hear it all the time. In some ways I’m disappointed in the Church too.”

Archbishop Coleridge admitted he doesn’t know Brisbane all that well he hasn’t been here for over 20 years.

But he says he’s inspired by how much it’s changed.

Mark Coleridge, Archbishop: “This is another planet up here. But I’ve been really, and in some ways to me surprisingly energised by this appointment. And I find the whole scene here quite enlivening.”

Churchgoers seem inspired by their new leader as well.

Vox 1: “Well as the Archbishop said, for me it means a new beginning.”

Vox 2: “Well it’s a very prestigious event in my life, this’ll probably be the only time I will have this occasion seeing the investiture of an archbishop and being a Catholic that means much to me too.”

Emilie Gramenz, QUT News.