Hundreds gathered at St Paul’s Anglican Church at Ipswich today to farewell 43-year-old mother Allison Baden-Clay.

The crowded church was a testament to the many lives and hearts that Allison touched.

Danika Ferguson reports.


More than 600 mourners attended the emotional ceremony.

Including Alison’s husband Gerard and their three young daughters Eleanora, Sarah and Hannah who arrived by a side entrance.

During the service, family and friends remembered Allison for her warm personality and bright smile.

They re-called a hard-working woman with a passion for life who loved her three young daughters with all her heart.

In a touching speech Allison’s best friend has urged the congregation to always live life with an unselfish soul just like Allison did.

Today they said farewell to a woman who had done so much but still had so much to do in a life that was tragically cut short just weeks ago.

Senior police officers involved in Allison’s case also paid their respects.

Allison’s siblings vowed to continue the hunt for answers until justice is served.

In her youth, Allison was vice-head girl at Ipswich Girls Grammar. The current school community gathered together today to form a guard of honour.

Accompanied by the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service they farewelled the hearse from church grounds to her final resting place.

On top of the coffin, the flower posies from Allison’s three children.

Her best friend asking mourners today, to take comfort in knowing that God has gained a beautiful angel.

Danika Ferguson, QUT News.