Thousands of new jobs could be created by a deal to build coal seam gas facilities.

Australia Pacific LNG has awarded two multi million dollar contracts to Leighton Contractors.

The Premier welcomed this morning’s announcement.

Rebecca Cox reports.


The contracts, worth more than $800 million will build key gas and water infrastructure as part of the project’s first phase of coal seam gas development.

And the Premier couldn’t have been happier.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “Australia Pacific LNG is going to play a critical role in creating an important new export industry for this state and the supplier of a cleaner energy fuel to people in the world.”

It could certainly help the State Government’s promise to reduce unemployment to four per cent in six years.

The project will create 6,000 jobs during the main phase of construction and a further 1,000 during the operation.

Construction on the water treatment will be completed by late next year while the gas gathering contract is scheduled for completion mid 2015.

Grant King, Aust Pacific LNG Chairman: “Two things that are quite commonly heard from members of the local community is what it means for the children in particular and their ability to find work in a whole different area in trades they would have never seen before and all of the skills the community needs as population grows.”

Premier Newman also revealed today, that the law recognising same-sex unions could be back before Parliament soon.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “The attorney-general has that matter under consideration at the moment and at some stage soon we will be bringing proposal’s to cabinet. It will be within a few weeks.”

Rebecca Cox, QUT News.