Malls, parks, backyards and even Twitter will become host to some pop-up theatre productions.

Brisbane performers are celebrating the tradition of theatre in a not-so-traditional way.

Gemma Boase reports.


Anywhere and everywhere, theatre performances such as these will be popping up all over Brisbane during the next 10 days.

Three young entertainers were spreading their love for opera in the Queen Street Mall today, and people were quite impressed.

Vox 1: “Yeah, I didn’t really expect to see such a good performance, you know, just there.”

Vox 2: “Their voices were just beautiful.”

Vox 3: “We sort of just sat in the middle of it, so we were just enjoying it.”

It was the first day of the Anywhere Theatre Festival which aims to brazenly strip away the elitism of going to the theatre.

Paul Osuch, Anywhere Theatre Festival Director: “We know that one of the big reasons why people don’t go to see theatre is because of where the theatres are and the actual theatre experience.”

Festival organisers are hoping to reconnect people with this age-old tradition, by giving it a modern revamp.

Paul Osuch, Anywhere Theatre Festival Director: “Also at the same time putting it in places where they either feel more comfortable or that just seem slightly bizarre and they’re interested to go and see it.”

Some performances are embracing the social media platform.

Like this rehash of the three little pigs with a modern Twitter-twist.

Or tracking the adventures of a young man navigating through a new city using only an iPhone.

There will be 250 different performances to choose from.

The Anywhere Theatre Festival runs until the 19th of May. So keep your eyes open for the untraditional performances which will be taking place anywhere, but the theatre.

Gemma Boase, QUT News.