Queensland’s Treasurer says the federal budget will deliver a “whole lot of pain for not a lot of gain” for the State.

And it’s a sentiment being echoed by many industry groups and small businesses.

Jane Schon reports.


It might be toted as the Battler’s Budget but battling small businesses might disagree.

The government had promised to use revenue from its new mining tax to drop the corporate tax rate to 29 per cent.

Instead the money will be used for upfront payments to low-income families.

Small businesses can expect a $5,000 tax relief on vechicle purchases and extra funding for apprenticeships and skills training.

But timber factory manager Rodney Sharp says that won’t help.

Rodney Sharp, Sharp Industries Manager: “What we really need is for the building industry to get a shot in the arm and I didn’t see any where in the budget that they’ve addressed that situation at the moment.”

The RACQ’s Michael Roth is disappointed too he says there’s no additional road funding even though Queensland’s main highways need urgent attention.

Michael Roth, RACQ: “The Bruce Highway has one in six of all deaths on national highways in Australia so it is clearly the national highway of most desparate need for increased federal funding.”

RACQ says the $3.6 billion allocated to the Pacific Highway in northern New South Wales would have provided massive and vital improvements to the Bruce Highway and would ultimately save lives.”

Dental and Aged Care received big boosts in the budget.

Nick Ryan of Aged Care Queensland says with so many sectors neglected this year they’re grateful for the support.

Nick Ryan, CEO Aged Care Qld: “From one point of view we’re grateful to get any additional funding but what we do need all Australians to recognise is that this new funding reform does not in any sense fix up all of the needs for additional aged care.”

Jane Schon, QUT News.