It’s a sobering statistic – every year 1.2 million children will become victims of the child trafficking industry, and be sold as sex slaves, sweat shop workers and child soldiers.

But four Aussie blokes are speaking out against the illegal trade by taking to their bikes and travelling the world.

Gemma Boase reports.


The journey began in London more than 12 months and 26,000 kilometres ago.

Tim, Aaron, Daniel and John decided to take the long way home from their international travels and to raise some money along the way.

Daniel Seehusen, Charity Cyclist: “I was living in London at the time and ran out of money and couldn’t afford a flight home, so I thought the best thing to do would be to ride home and on the cheap. And while I’m at it, do it for a charity and enter World Vision.”

Child trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world.

It’s valued at an estimated $12 billion per year.

The men are documenting their world tour and all money raised will be donated to World Vision.

They did no preparation for their marathon cycle, and the four footie mates certainly have an unusual approach to keeping in peak condition.

John Clark, Charity Cyclist: “Whenever there’s an opportunity for some fast food and things like that, we stop in. So I’m not sure if we’re ‘elite’ athletes.”

The journey has taken the men to 27 different countries around the world and they’re now closing in on their hometown of Melbourne, with less than 2,500 kilometres left to ride.

Aaron Turner, Charity Cyclist: “It might sound like a lot, but to us it seems like it’s around the corner.”

The cycle troupe will round out their ride on the 24th of June, when they pull into Federation Square in Melbourne.

Gemma Boase, QUT News.