There have been a spate of arson attacks in Melbourne’s east.

Two cars and two houses under construction, were set alight overnight.

Emilie Gramenz reports.


The two half-built homes in Melbourne’s Mount Waverley were set alight a few hours after midnight.

One owner and his family were only a few months away from moving in.

John D’Angelo, Builder: “My kids don’t know but my wife’s devastated.”

Fire authorities evacuated residents as burning embers blew across nearby homes.

This morning builders discovered the remains of a small fire at a third home under construction nearby.

Two cars in the area also were torched.

Authorities believe they’re dealing with a firebug on a spree.

Cmdr Greg Stephenson, Metropolitan Fire Brigade: “It’s very, very unusual and quite concerning really. We certainly hope we can catch theculprits.”

The damage bill runs into the hundreds of thousands.

Emilie Gramenz, QUT News.