Day: May 9, 2012

Government buoyed by budget

The annual budget sell is well underway and Prime Minister Julia Gillard has slammed Opposition allegations her Government is trying to ‘buy back’ public support. The big three expenditure items welfare, health and education came through clear winners in this

Qld left-out of Battlers’ Budget

Queensland’s Treasurer says the federal budget will deliver a “whole lot of pain for not a lot of gain” for the State. And it’s a sentiment being echoed by many industry groups and small businesses. Jane Schon reports.

Fire destroys new homes

There have been a spate of arson attacks in Melbourne’s east. Two cars and two houses under construction, were set alight overnight. Emilie Gramenz reports.

Jobs for the girls

Female school students are being encouraged to consider a future career in the energy and mining industries. A forum today aimed to spark the students’ interest in the sector which is currently facing a skills shortage. Zoe Noakes reports.

Pedal power against child trafficking

It’s a sobering statistic – every year 1.2 million children will become victims of the child trafficking industry, and be sold as sex slaves, sweat shop workers and child soldiers. But four Aussie blokes are speaking out against the illegal

Seeing is believing

You’d think being a champion lawn bowler would require a very sharp eye. Well in this case seeing isn’t believing for competitors at the National Blind Bowls Tournament. While players have a range of vision impairment, they are doing the

Double blow for Broncos

It’s shaping up to be a big weekend in Brisbane football, with both the NRL Broncos and AFL Lions preparing for home games. The Lions’ preparation has been stress free, but the Broncos have faced retirements and sackings in their

Weekend sports wrap

In the NRL last night, Souths put paid to the Sharks winning streak. While in AFL, the sun wasn’t shining when Gold Coast took on Fremantle. Tess Gilfedder reports.