Bombshell news out of the Broncos camp today.

After 45 Tests for Australia and 30 Origin Games for Queensland star forward Petero Civoniceva says 2012 will be his last Rugby League season.

But the big man is still keen to play one last Origin for the Maroons.

Jane Schon reports.


Petero took it easy today at the Broncos training session just hours after he announced his retirement from the NRL.

It’s obvious there are no hard feelings.

The forward says his decision to bid farewell has been hanging over his head for a long time.

And now is the right time to go especially with a club full of so many bright young stars.

Petero Civoniceva, Broncos Forward: “You’d like to think you can keep going on forever but you know I think the time is right for me to step into the next stage of my life.”

Broncos Chief Executive Paul White says Petero will leave behind a lasting and unique legacy.

Paul White, Broncos Chief Executive: “Petero is revered in our game. Revered for what he does on the field but more importantly how he carries himself off the field.”

The star Bronco will always have a place at the Brisbane club.

Paul White, Broncos Chief Executive: “Petero’s reputation in our game and also in the community is a wonderful asset and we’ll certainly look to assure our members and our fans that Petero will have an ongoing role within the club.”

Petero says even though he will be saying goodbye to the Broncos, he still has the passion and the drive for one more Origin series. He says if he’s selected he will be ready to go.

Petero Civoniceva, Broncos Forward: “Yeah I’ve put my hand up for it you know all I can do is concentrate on my own form and let Origin selection be the job of selectors.”

Petero’s last home and away game will be against the Penrith Panthers the club he lead for three years before returning to the Broncos.

Jane Schon, QUT News.