A book honouring more than 25,000 women who have given birth at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital was launched today.

It features stories of new mothers’ experiences at the Royal from the 1930s through to 2011.

Alice McCarthy reports.


The book was finished just in time for Mother’s Day.

And brought together mothers of all ages.

One of the oldest living Royal Mums was in attendance.

94-year-old Betty Biggers says writing her story was a great chance to reflect.

Betty Biggers, Royal Mum: “We were so proud to think that we had a lovely hospital. We were really proud of the fact it had Just been opened.”

All proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards the development of a Mother’s Milk Bank at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. This service will provide premature babies with access to natural breast milk that their mothers can’t produce on their own.

Hospital staff hope the much-needed Milk Bank will be opened by December.

Helen McConachy, Milk Bank Project Manager: “We had 1,630 babies admitted to the neonatal unit last year, and we think at least 600 of those babies, so that’s almost 40 per cent of them, would have benefitted from breast milk if we’d had it available.”

Angela Perry’s son Noah died after a premature birth at the Royal last year.

She feels passionately about the importance of the Milk Bank.

Angela Perry, Royal Mums’ of Angels: “With this new equipment and new Milk Bank, hopefully we’ll be able to provide breast milk to all the premmie babies that are born here at the Royal, and in Queensland, and help save their lives.”

Alice McCarthy, QUT News.