Thousands of future jobseekers have swarmed into the Brisbane Convention Centre, for a national careers’ expo.

Most of today’s visitors were high school students, looking for inspiration as to how they might spend their working lives.

Dominick Czakilew reports.


Over 120 exhibitors are on show at Queensland’s biggest ever Careers’ expo.

But with major recent cuts to some employment sectors, future career prospects might not be as bright as some of these expo goers hope.

Yet despite more than $4 billion of defence cuts being announced just yesterday, defence force recruiters say they’re optimistic.

Corporal Anthony Mansfield, Australian Airforce: “The future is looking exceptional for the three services now, we are taking onboard alot of new equipment, technical trades , through supportive trades all around our university sponsorship.”

A major focus for the event was Queensland’s hunger for skilled workers.

Booming resource and construction industries predict they’ll need more than 30,000 skilled workers within the next two to three years.

Glen Carey, Construction Skills Qld: “We are in a position where we do have a shortage of skilled labour in Queensland, so from a construction skills queensland point of view we need to look at training.”

While Queensland is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers many career seekers came down just to have a peak at the more exciting things on offer.

The free event will run until tomorrow before continuing its nationwide tour, moving onto Adelaide next week.

Dominick Czakilew, QUT News.