Former English cricket player Adam Hollioke will make his cage fighting debut tomorrow night, when he takes on Joel Millar.

The fight will be held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Thomas Brakstad reports.


Hollioke and his trainer Stephen were in final preparations for the fight, with a light workout at the Matrix Boxing Gym at Southport.

Three weeks ago Hollioke won a boxing match, and he has a long background in fighting sports.

Adam Hollioke, Former England Cricketer: “I didn´t actually start with MMA, at all, I´ve done a lot of fighting over the years. Maybe not professional MMA but I´ve done a lot of boxing, a lot of wrestling.”

Even though he’s known for his cricket achievements, he would have picked a career in fighting if he was allowed to.

Adam Hollioke, Former England Cricketer: “I could have done fighting back then, but my parent’s wouldn´t let me. Not because of the art but the people I was hanging around with. I just started playing cricket because they were the first to offer me money to do it.”

Hollioke turns 41 this year. The opponent he will take on in his MMA debut is in his mid 20s, but his trainer says the age different is not a problem.

Stephen Ng, Head Coach Matrix Boxing Gym: “‘Specially in Adam´s case, it´s not like he´s been in the game all his life. He is not a 35 year boxing veteran or MMA veteran who has damage done to him.”

But what about getting his cricketing mate, Shane Warne, in the cage?

Adam Hollioke, Former England Cricketer: “Warne is a lover, not a fighter these days, isn’t he? He’s married to Liz Hurley, isn’t he? So I don’t think he going to want to mess up his nice pretty face anymore.”

Thomas Brakstad, QUT News.