An Australian medical team is readying to fly to Bali, to help separate conjoined twins.

The girls were born only a week ago to a poverty stricken family and were immediately rushed to Bali’s main hospital.

Naomi Lynch reports.


Officially unnamed, Baby Green and Baby Blue are joined from the breastbone to the waist.

Their hearts are touching but separate.

It’s unclear yet whether the girls share other vital organs.

The babies’ mother is stuck at home on the other side of the island, recovering from an emergency cesarean and has not seen her babies since they were born.

She says she didn’t know her baby was twins and asked why they were stuck together when they were born.

A team of Australian medical specialists will fly to Bali to assist in the separation.

Doctors say there’s a good chance the girls will live.

Robert Larbelestier, Heart Surgeon: “If all their internal organs are separate then they should be fine provided there are no other congenital abnormalities associated with it.”

Meantime, the twins father is keeping a vigil at his daughters’ side.

Naomi Lynch, QUT News.