It’s Privacy Awareness Week and the message is ‘Protect, Detect, Correct’.

Research indicates that older Facebook users are most at risk from cyber criminals.

Namrata Pingle reports.


The week usually targets net savvy young people but this year it’s our senior citizens.

Harry Fallon, Senior Citizen: “I do recommend Facebook for elderly people like myself. I’m no spring chicken but it’s a good situation for meeting people, find out whether they have a similar type liking to you or whatever.”

A national security report conducted earlier this year said seniors are at particular risk from web surfing criminals.

Harry Fallon, Senior Citizen: “I’m still computer illiterate of course. Only because I don’t investigate anything that I see pop up.”

Brisbane Seniors Online agree there are risks.

Dick Bennett, Brisbane Seniors Online: “Brisbane Seniors Online is not keen on the facebook or similiar social networking sites.”

BESOL encourages its seniors to be more careful with putting personal information online, not uploading personal images and securing passwords.

Meanwhile, Australian Facebook users could be the next to enrol online as organ donors, following the release of results that the number of organ donations in Australia has increased since 2011.

Users in the US and Britain can now sign up to share their organs adding further fuel to the privacy debate.

But that’s not going to stop seniors like Harry from continuing to use Facebook.

Namrata Pingle, QUT News.