The jobs of up to a 1000 employees and contractors have been lost as national transport company 1st Fleet locked its doors overnight, without warning.

Union bosses blame big retailers for squeezing trucking profit margins.

Naomi Lynch reports.


First Fleet employees had no idea when they arrived for work this morning that the gates had been locked a little before midnight.

They’re anxiously waiting to hear whether they’ll be paid their last two weeks wages, not to mention long-service and other entitlements.

Upset workers confronted the company adminstrator.

Administrators were called in to the company on Friday when workers were told then, there was hope of reviving the company.

Employees aren’t the only ones losing out, clients of the company have goods onboard trucks which are currently locked on the other side of the fence.

Matt Jennings, Tile Supplier: “Probably got about $60,000, $70,000 plus worth of stock in there at the moment that’s supposed to be out this morning.”

First Fleet Managing Director Stephen Brown says the closure came as a shock to him as well.

Stephen Brown, Managing Director: “It’s no-wheres-ville mate. It’s closed, so I have no idea. I’ve never experienced it in my life. All I worry about is the jobs, 600 jobs.”

Here in Queensland, employees at Crestmead have already been hired by IGA Metcash, a contractor of First Fleet.

The Transport Union is working hard to find jobs for workers here at Acacia Ridge.

Naomi Lynch, QUT News.