On a Friday or Saturday night, the Valley has its fair share of alcohol related issues and crime.

But authorities believe the situation is improving and hope a new awareness campaign will continue that trend.

Casey Fung reports.


Fifty-thousand people visit Fortitude Valley each week, making it one of Australia’s busiest entertainment precincts.

Add alcohol and things can get ugly.

But a successful 12-month drink-safe trial is now being reinforced by a new initiative called “We are all in this together”.

Nick Brabam, Valley Liquor Accord Chair: “If we look at it as a 12-month snap-shot things are trending down. Your public nuisance offences, your assults.”

It’s jointly backed by the Queensland Government and Licensees and is designed to make the streets a safer place to be after dark.

Jarrod Bleijiet, Qld Attorney General: “We recognise the fact that a lot of these issues can be reduced by having men and women in the blue on the beat
on the street.”

Government and licensed venues both agree there has been a decline in alcohol related incidencse in the last 12 months.

However the 3am lock out is an issue which still needs to be resolved.

But it’s here to stay until at least the end of the year.

Nick Brabam, Valley Liquor Accord Chair: “Since the 3am lockouts came in there are more people on the streets late at night unable to go anywhere, sometimes it’s difficult to get transport options, we feel like it’s a powder-keg for incidences to occur.”

The Attorney General says he’ll consult with industry on the future of the lockout.

Casey Fung, QUT News.