Michael Lynagh has been discharged from hospital after suffering a stroke two weeks ago.

Today, he thanked medical staff for their care.

Thomas Brakstad reports.


The former Wallabies captain met the media today to express his gratitude to the RBH medical staff.

But he still hasn’t recovered 100 per cent.

Michael Lynagh, Former Wallabies Captain: “I might look fine to you and thank God that I am, except I’ve lost quite a bit of sight.”

His doctor, neurologist Robert Henderson says while Lynagh still has work to do the outcome could have been far worse.

Dr. Robert Henderson, Neurologist: “He was lucky and unlucky. Lucky in that the symptoms have not, besides the vision have been things that have not been too terrible for him and clearly unlucky to have had a resonably large stroke. People die. You know with that stroke where they block that artery.”

The stroke was most likely to have been caused by a combination of coughing and laughing. Doctors say it’s uncommon for strokes of this type to occur in people of Lynagh’s age.

Lynagh had flown to Brisbane to visit friends, as he currently lives in London.

Michael Lynagh, Former Wallabies Captain: “I had a hard week in terms of travel and tiredness etc. But it was nothing out of the ordinary. I’m resonably fit, and I do sort of watch my diet.”

He’s grateful the stroke didn’t happen on the plane.

Michael Lynagh, Former Wallabies Captain: “Planes, Singapore, Abu Dubai, London even. As I’ve said I was lucky that it happened here.”

Lynagh’s wife and children are still in the UK, but his parents have been by his side throughout the ordeal.

Thomas Brakstad, QUT News.