The onset of winter all to often means a busy time for emergency services as the cold weather increases the risk of house fires.

So authorities are getting in early, with a graphic warning about the potential danger of heaters and electric blankets.

Naomi Lynch reports.


Queensland Fire and Rescue Services today demonstrated how warming your toes could take a turn for the worse.

The display shows just how quickly a fire can start and a room can go up in flames.

Acting Fire Rescue Commissioner Iain Mackenzie says heaters and stoves are the main cause of household fires.

Iain Mackenzie, Acting QFRS Commissioner: “All fires are preventable by one means or another. We have a lot of fires as you’re going to see here to today start with things like heaters. Whether it’s bar heaters or whether it’s blow heaters, it’s usually misuse of them that cause the fires.”

Minister for Police and Community Safety, Jack Dempsey says the best way to prevent a fire in your home is to be aware and prepared.

He insists heaters should be kept in open areas, well away from clothing and flammable materials.

Jack Dempsey, Police and Community Safety Minister: “Please educate yourself, remove the risk, put it in a safe area because we want you warm and safe in your bed but we want you alive and safe and well in the morning.”

Eleven out of last year’s 27 fire caused fatalities occurred in the winter months.

If you’re unsure how safe your home is, an assessment can be done for free by your local fire fighters.

Naomi Lynch, QUT News.