Mining magnate Clive Palmer has announced today he intends to enter Federal politics.

Mr Palmer wants to run for the Liberal National Party in Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan’s seat of Lilley, in Brisbane’s north.

Benjamin Crock reports.


Queensland’s richest man was quick to get on the offensive against his prospective opposition Labor’s Wayne Swan.

Clive Palmer, Businessman: “He’s been so kind as to name me in Parliament probably over thirty times as one of his adversaries. So if he wants an adversary let him have one.”

Mr Palmer denies his bid is personal, despite prior heated exchanges with the Treasurer.

He also says he won’t be giving up any business interests if he is chosen to run in the seat of Lilley.

Clive Palmer, Businessman: “I’m not going into politics to pursue business interests. I’m going into politics so I can contribute to ideas about where this country should go.”

Mr Palmer’s announcement comes on the back of more heavy losses for the Labour party in last weekend’s Brisbane City Council election.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk was returned to office in a resounding victory for the LNP.

He says under his control Brisbane’s economic outlook is looking bright.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “We are expected to see in Brisbane over the next ten years 343,000 new positions created. That is a tremendous opportunity for our young people and people generally across this city.”

He seemed humoured by Mr Palmer’s aspirations.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “That’s the first I’ve heard of that one. I mean, Clive will make his own decisions on things. I don’t speak for Clive.”

It was a busy day for Mr Palmer who also announced he was building a new Titanic.

Clive Palmer, Businessman: “Not only will we have more lifeboats, they’ll be lower to the water. You couldn’t today have lifeboats as high as they were from the water.”

Benjamin Crock, QUT News.

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