By Rebecca Cox and roduced for online by Kristy McMahon

The head of anĀ  Indigenous recruitment company today backed billionaire mining magnate Andrew Forrest’s claims the Australian Government has a long way to go to fix the employment gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Deadly Solutions managing director Allinta Rose says the government needs to do more.

“I just think that Indigenous employment is an ongoing process, I hope that the government continues to see that, that it’s important to support Indigenous people,” she says.

The Australian Government announced last week it is expanding the $650 million program and is adding more than 200 organisations to its list of credentialed providers of Indigenous employment and training services.

Fortescue Metals Group Mr Forrest told the ABC this morning his business, Australian Employment Covenant, has found 10,000 jobs for Indigenous Australians.

“What’s the point in training for a job if there’s no job and that’s why Aboriginal people around Australia are correctly cynical about non-Indigenous people’s efforts to address the disparity through employment when they do all the training, they put in the hard-yards and there’s no job at the end,” he says.

The Indigenous Employment Program part of the government’s commitment to halve the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, encourages, supports training programs and assists Indigenous communities in urban, regional and remote areas.