There’s more pressure on the Gillard government with the release of the latest Galaxy polls showing support for Labor is continuing to slide.

Voters are questioning the Prime Minister’s judgement over the party’s latest political scandals.

Dannielle DePinto reports.


It’s a grim outlook for Julia Gillard’s future as Prime Minister.

While supporters defend her decision to pull the plug on MPs Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper, the opposition says the “turn-around judgement” is embarrassing.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “This is Prime Minister who has no judgement, who has no integrity and frankly is an embarrassment to us.”

Galaxy Poll shows Labor’s primary vote has fallen eight per cent to 30 percent, down from 38 at the 2010 election.

Meanwhile, coalition support continues to rise from 43.6 per cent to 49 per cent.

The Prime Minister is moving to repair the damage by side-lining troubled MP Craig Thomson and asking Peter Slipper to extend his suspension.

But her decision generated more criticism.

Neil Mitchell, Radio Broadcaster: “I’ve never seen such an inept Prime Minister and such a discredited government, even going back to the Whitlam days, it wasn’t this bad.”

Penny Wong, Finance Minister: “She’s the Prime Minister of the country, she has to make a judgement call and she’s done that.”

There’s also some good news.

Julia Gillard’s immediate future is safe as the opposition doesn’t have enough support for a “no confidence motion”.

The Government hopes to regain voter confidence when its announces the budget in June.

Dannielle DePinto, QUT News.

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