By Dwayne Monteiro and produced for online by Erin Smith

A video game which allows players to assassinate Adolf Hitler has been labeled ‘sick’ by the Australian Christian Lobby.

The game also shows graphic X-Ray vision of bullets tearing through bodies.

The upcoming Australian release of video game Sniper Elite V2 has been condemned by various lobby groups in Australia.

The game, created by developer Rebellion Games, allows players to fight in World War Two and includes an assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler.

The classification board of Australia classified the game with an MA15+ rating, stating the historical backdrop allows for this classification.

Sniper Elite V2 Official Trailer (Warning MA15+)

Australian Family Lobby founding member, Jeremy Sear disagrees with the board’s reasoning.

“I do find it amusing that we’ve got this view of that as long as the baddies are aliens or Nazis or something then the impact of the violence is much less.”

He says the solution is to introduce an R18+ rating for videogames.

“The Australian Family Lobby just wants to see that there is a clear distinction that parents can view between the stuff that is appropriate for kids and the stuff that’s appropriate for adults and we think that an R18+ rating is long overdue.”

Many in the gaming community believe the Australian Family and Christian lobbies are over-reacting.

Gamer, Thomas Grealy, says the violence will not deter gamers from buying the game.

“Some games that people can be like this is horrible but being a gamer you can see it’s just a level up from what it already has been.”

Mr Grealy also blames parents for giving children access to violent video games without checking the classification.

Sniper Elite V2 is to be released by the end of the week.