Besieged federal speaker Peter Slipper has released documents he says prove he is innocent of criminal fraud allegations.

But the opposition doesn’t think it’s enough for Slipper to return to the speaker’s chair.

Sam Canavan reports.


Peter Slipper says he hasn’t slipped up and he can prove it.

Yesterday he issued a statement along with photocopies of 13 Cabcharge dockets he says prove the criminal allegation of taxpayer-funded cabcharge fraud against him is a ‘complete fabrication.’

The independent MP is accused of giving blank cabcharges to taxi drivers to fill in, but he’s released copies of them and says it’s his handwriting.

Bill Shorten, Workplace Relations Minister: “I’m not a handwriting expert, the authorities will sort this matter out once and for all.”

Despite the move, he’s under growing pressure from the opposition and key independents not to return to the speaker’s chair until claims of sexual harassment against him are resolved.

Joe Hockey, Shadow Treasurer: “I’m a member of parliament, I have standards, this is not up to my standards.”

Andrew Wilkie is siding with the LNP on the matter, as his leverage from the cross bench on the issue of poker machine reform is greater without Slipper in the speaker’s role.

Andrew Wilkie, Independant MP: “You’ve got to work with the numbers you’ve got. I’m now working with the numbers I’ve got. And I’m waiting to see if I’m in a better position to get better poker machine reform.”

The Cabcharge receipts are being investigated by the Australian Federal Police for now Mr Slipper’s political future remains in limbo.

Sam Canavan, QUT News.