Teachers may face extra paper work and bureaucratic red tape under a proposed national performance assessment.

The scheme was one of two initiatives launched in Brisbane today by Federal Education Minister, Peter Garrett.

Holly Fallon reports.


Peter Garrett went back to school to launch two new national education frameworks a teacher performance assessment and the Empowering Local Schools initiative, which will see $3 million available for Queensland schools to operate more effectively.

Minister Garrett says the increased funding is well deserved.

Peter Garrett, Federal Education Minister: “Teaching is a really important profession. Teachers are amongst the most prized professionals in this country.”

But the real debate is the Gillard Government’s replacement performance assessment.

Teachers will be forced to undertake yearly assessment. Those with high performance results can apply for bonuses of up to $10,000.

Some believe the money could be better spent elsewhere.

Graham Moloney, Qld Teachers Union: “We’ve worked for over thirteen years to get something to suit Queensland schools and I don’t see how the Federal Government’s announcement is going to add significantly to that.”

But Mr Garrett says a national system is necessary.

And a decision on the assessment framework will be made later this year.

Holly Fallon, QUT News.