Tomorrow, voters in 73 local government areas across the state go to the polls.

Around one million Brisbane residents will elect Brisbane’s City Council and Lord Mayor.

Today, Mayoral candidates Graham Quirk and Ray Smith delivered their final pitch for their idea of a better Brisbane.

Stanley Uzunov reports.


In a last pitch to sway votes, both candidates promised a bright future for our city.

Graham Quirk is confident he’s the man to lead Brisbane forward.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “This city is in capable, safe hands with team Quirk. We are a united team and I ask people to give us your support tomorrow.”

And he couldn’t resist a swipe Labor’s Ray Smith, who yesterday made a blunder with one of his key strategies.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “Well I just don’t think he can add up, that’s the problem he has – he’s demonstrated that yesterday by not knowing what the inflation rate was and yet making a commitment to keep rates at the inflation rate.”

Mr Smith promised Brisbane residents he’d ease their struggles if handed the reins of the city.

Ray Smith, Lord Mayor Candidate: “It’s not good enough that we just allow the cost of living to keep going up – it’s simply not good enough. People are really hurting out there and we need to fix this.”

The only formal poll of the Mayoral election outcome predicted an easy win for Graham Quirk.

One thousand and eighty five Brisbane voters were polled 58 per cent saying he would take Brisbane’s top job on Saturday night.

Tomorrow will also decide what damage the recent State election caused Labor locally.

While the majority of Brisbane residents will be casting their decision tomorrow, voting has already begun by post and at pre-poll booths around the city. Around five per cent of people vote early- equating to more than 35,000 votes.”

Polling booths open at 8am tomorrow.

There is no provision for absentee voting, so residents must vote inside their local ward.

Stanley Uzunov, QUT News.