Olympic and world champion swim coach Laurie Lawrence has made it easier for parents to drown-proof their kids.

He’s launched a new app – Baby Swim.

Gemma Clarke reports.


In his never-ending quest to combat child drowning, swimming legend Laurie Lawrence has released an app for iPhones and iPads.

Laurie Lawrence, Swim Coach: “In this modern age technology, it’s all about sharing information, and this is the way we have to Do it now.”

The app features 65 instructional videos covering everything from a baby’s first submersion to water safety skills for infants.

And what’s more, it’s fun!

Laurie Lawrence, Swim Coach: “Not a child crying, everyone happy, everyone building independence in the water. Because independence is what’s gonna save their lives.”

The subject of the app is Laurie’s own granddaughter, Evie, whom he’s been filming in the pool religiously since she was just four days old.

The app has already found fans in a number of young mothers who are using it in conjunction with Laurie’s swim school.

Nardi Hotchin, Mum of Lily, 10 months: “It covers everything, so it was really great to get started before she started swimming here.”

Linda Kenny, Mum of Lucy, 10 months: “You can use it anywhere, you know, when you’re out and about at the pool, at the beach, just to keep you up to speed week by week where you’re at.”

Laurie Lawrence, Swim Coach: “Evie my phone’s in the water! Please get me my phone! Bring it over! Bring my phone over! Thankyou so much. It’s amazing what two and a half year old children can do. I hope this phone works.”

Clearly chlorine runs through Evie’s veins as well.

Gemma Clarke, QUT News.