In the race for control of Brisbane’s City Hall Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has released his election costings.

And while he’s promised to keep rates down, he admits this will depend on the impact of the Federal Government’s carbon tax.

Lucy Emlyn-Jones reports.


With the election only two days away, Mr Quirk’s victory seems all but assured.

A ReachTEL poll conducted last nght, predicted a landslide victory for him.

But the current Lord Mayor’s not taking chances. In a bid to keep voters happy, he’s promising $269 million in new projects and a rates cap of 7.5 per cent.

However, there is a ‘but’…

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “I am saying also that the cost of the carbon tax alone will be more than the inflation rate. As much injustice as their is in that, it is a reality.”

Labor’s Ray Smith won’t release his costings until tomorrow, but is adamant that Brisbane households will not suffer under the carbon tax.

Mr Smith has pledged to cap rate rises for owner-occupiers at the national level of inflation.

However, that promise based on a four per cent inflation rate came unstuck when a reporter pointed out the national rate was actually 1.6 per cent.

Ray Smith, Labor Mayoral Candidate: “Well I’ve er got my figure wrong.”

Mr Smith still insists tomorrow’s announcement will account for unfunded projects totalling almost $900 million and that voters need to consider the current Council’s track record.

Ray Smith, Labor Mayoral Candidate: “2.37 billion debt, four million a week in debt repayments and rates up $300 on average over the last four years. And more of it to come because we get this airy fairy answer about what he’ll do about rates.”

Lucy Emlyn-Jones, QUT News.