With Brisbane’s council election looming this weekend, the battle for City Hall is heating up.

Today, both candidates stepped up their campaign promises.

Gemma Clarke reports.


Lord Mayor Graham Quirk pledged to invest a quarter of a billion dollars into resurfacing the city’s suburban roads if he’s re-elected.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk: “It’s about making sure that we have a safe and smooth road surface in Brisbane.”

But Quirk was unable to provide specific details about exactly which areas his team would address first.

Labor candidate Ray Smith was quick to respond.

Ray Smith, Labor Candidate: “Finally he’s realised there’s local roads in Brisbane! I’ve been saying since the start: it’s about local roads not toll roads.”

The Lord Mayoral hopeful announced his party’s plans to pour $210 million into boosting Brisbane’s bus networks.

The plan includes 360 more buses and $18 million to make bus stops safer.

Councillor Smith fended off accusations his public transport project failed to adhere to state disability legislation.

Ray Smith, Labor Candidate: “I’ve said once and I’ll say it again: there will not be a single piece of infrastructure we build in this city if I’m elected Lord Mayor that isn’t disability compliant.”

Graham Quirk’s vision for Brisbane buses is similar, promising $88 million into disability-friendly public transport.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “We are undertaking this work because it’s about a more inclusive community.”

The two will go head-to-head when Brisbane takes to the polls this Saturday, April 28.

Gemma Clarke, QUT News.