Finally, it was the first day of school today – for some future guide dogs.

And a puppy party was thrown in their honour.

Holly Fallon reports.


Emotions were high at Guide Dogs Queensland as volunteer carers hand back their beloved pet.

This centre will be their new home until they are ready for an owner.

Lauren Elgie, Breeding and Dogs supply manager: “The pups have been in their homes being socialised and it’s been ten months, ten to twelve months and they’ve got emotional ties. They’re very bonded with the puppies and it’s a hard day.”

The emotional volunteers knew this day would come.

Joan Harpur, Volunteer Puppy Carer: “I do feel sad that the dog goes but then knowing what the dog is going to become… that overcomes the sadness.”

Debbie, Volunteer Puppy Carer: “I think the purpose and the reason why we are doing this is such a great cause.”

Thousands of Queenslanders with little to no vision turn to Guide Dogs each year.

But with only around 100 dogs graduating each year, the waiting list is long.

This little pup costs $30,000 to breed, train and place.

With no government support Guide Dogs Queensland relies purely on donations and sponsorship.

In 12 to 15 months these pups will hopefully graduate to being full-time guide dogs.

Holly Fallon, QUT News.