The row over Peter Slipper’s future as Speaker of the House continues to engulf the Gillard Government.

Mr Slipper stood down amid allegations of sexual harassment and fraud.

Gemma Clarke reports.


Peter Slipper flew back from LA into a political storm.

Former advisor James Ashby has accused him of sexual harassment. The embattled MP’s also facing claims he misused taxpayer-funded cab vouchers.

Reporter: “Did you sexually harass James Ashby?”

Peter Slipper, Federal MP: “All allegations are denied.”

Despite maintaining his innocence, Slipper says it’s appropriate to stand aside until his name is cleared for the sake of political integrity.

His decision places the minority Labor government in a vulnerable position when the House of Representatives gathers next month.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “Many people warned the Prime Minister that this would all end in tears, and so it has.”

Julia Gillard will lose the vote of Labor’s Anna Burke, who steps in as Acting Speaker in Slipper’s absence.

Provided the crossbenchers continue to vote with the government, it will be left with a seventy-five/seventy-three majority on the floor of the House.

Tony Windsor, Independent MP: “I haven’t seen anything that would breach the agreement. If there’s corrupt activity or maladministration, let’s see it on the floor.”

Parliament resumes on May 8 with the announcement of the budget.

Gemma Clarke, QUT News.