Experienced paddlers have been gearing up to compete in the Macleay Island Canoe Race, the first race of the Pacific Ocean Series.

Mariska Murphy reports.


Racing fans young and old flocked to the island to watch competitors battle it out.

Dozens of paddlers, from around Australia, set out in the morning with clear, blue skies signalling the way for an almost seamless journey.

Race winner Michael Booth, who crossed the line one hour and six minutes after the launch, got off to a rather bumpy start when he got lost along his way around the island.

Michael Booth, Kayaker: “Unfortunately I didn’t really know where I was going, I’ve never been up here before, as I said, and took the inside line and started coming along the peninsula there on the other side of the island where the Oragne Beach is. I was like, where is everyone?”

There was an official protest, although Booth retained his title when officials saw he was in fact disadvantaged from his ‘unusual’ route.

The next race in the series is at Hamilton Island.

Mariska Murphy, QUT News.