Day 17 of the Occupy Brisbane protest and numbers are starting to dwindle.

After two evictions, 11 arrests and up to $30,000 in damage Brisbane City Council is finally cracking down.

Claudia Kirkman reports.


Several Occupy Brisbane protesters say they were fined by Brisbane City Council workers this morning after spending last night at Emma Miller Place on Roma Street.

Protesters moved there last night after police evicted them from Queens Park in the CBD yesterday.

Spokeperson Andy Paine says around seven this morning they were fined $4,000 for sleeping in public parks and $500 for playing the bag pipes.

He says this is exactly what they’re protesting against.

Andy Paine, Occupy Brisbane spokesman: “An example of the way the State uses its kind of power to just shut down people.”

He says they’ll try to appeal the fines.

Andy Paine, Occupy Brisbane spokesman: “We’re going to talk to people about our legal options for paying the fines and whether we can appeal it.”

These fines follow a clash with police on Wednesday morning resulting in the arrest of 11 people after protestors refused to be evicted from Post Office Square.

Brisbane City Council estimates it will cost ratepayers $20-30,000 to repair turf damaged by the protesters.

Mr Paine defends claims the group has lost momentum after organisers announced on Facebook they’re stepping down following Wednesday’s incident with police.

Andy Paine, Occupy Brisbane spokesman: “Occupy Brisbane as a group, we’re still united and we’ll still be organising to continue this movement.”

This morning organisers posted a draft appeal to the Premier Anna Bligh on their Facebook page prompting group discussion over future plans for Occupy Brisbane.

In their submission, organisers beg for the Premier’s compassion to allow them to continue the movement in Roma Street Parklands.

They’re asking Ms Bligh to support their plight, saying the movement isn’t just a fad but the first step to a long awaited, long prayed for change.

The protest is expected to come to a head tomorrow at midday in King George Square when another rally is scheduled.

Claudia Kirkman, QUT News.