The Queensland Premier Anna Bligh says the Occupy Brisbane protesters are no longer welcome in the Central Business District and should move on.

This morning Police forcibly removed the protesters from Queen’s Park but the group has now moved to another inner city location.

Jess Sier reports.


Early this morning Police ordered the protesters move on and then fenced off Queen’s Park where the group had set up their latest camp.

One protestor was arrested for assaulting a police officer.

Supt Brett Schafferius, Queensland Police: “Unfortunately negotiations broke down yet again and police had to forcibly remove twenty people from the area.”

As the group packed their gear, many were keen to explain why they are protesting.

Harry, Protester: “The gap between rich and poor is just getting greater and greater and greater. We don’t see it here in Australia yet but it’s happening in Europe and America.”

Starry, Protester: “We’re going against corporate greed, Anna Bligh and many others who wish to be greedy and look after themselves and not the poor people or the common person.”

Others have specific complaints about life in Queensland.

David, Protester: “Well personally for me, I’ve been homeless for the laste, maybe six years and I’ve found it difficult to get accommodation, jobs, food, clothing, everything. Because so many people at the top are greedy with all their money.”

The Premier Anna Bligh says the occupy protesters are no longer welcome in the CBD.

Anna Bligh, Queensland Premier: “Really it’s probably time for them to be moving on and out of the city.”

But the group have ignored the Premier’s words and have decided to march to a new site in the inner city.

Chant: “Human need not corporate greed, we are the 99 per cent …”

The march brought some bemused looks from passersby as the group headed for King George Square and their new occupation site.

While it’s not exactly clear what the Occupy Brisbane movement would demand from any potential negotiations, what is clear is that this movement is committed to occupying this space for as long as they can.

Jessica Sier, QUT News.