Brisbane’s Lone Pine Sanctuary has embarked on a program that will give kids the chance to get up close to Australian wildlife on their school holidays.

The Sanctuary is running a “Junior Keeper” program, that will give young animal lovers the chance to help care for the animals for a day.

Suraya Daly reports.


Lone Pine Sanctuary’s summer holiday program is set to become on of its biggest attractions.

Children from ages five to 12 will get hands on experience in wildlife conservation.

Janelle Herring, Wildlife Keeper: “They actually get to help and hold an owl, get to have photos taken with it, help us walk the dingos, participate in koala health checks as we do everyday.”

Sanctuary staff says it’s all about reaching children while they are young and interested in animals.

Janelle Herring, Wildlife Officer: “Just making sure the kids are aware of what they can actually find in their backyard, to try and help these animals as well as protecting them. Just encouraging them to be more environmentally friendly.”

Animals are also set to gain from the experience as children will be encouraged to help bring out the animals natural behaviour.

By experiencing first hand the duties of a wildlife keeper, children will develop a sense of respect and understanding for animals.

The Sanctuary hopes the program will inspire the next generation of wildlife conservationists.

Suraya Daly, QUT News.