Santa Claus has dropped in early swapping his sleigh for a parachute.

The skydiving Santa is in town to help disadvantaged kids.

Rebekah Fay reports.


Is it a bird, is it a plane… no it’s seven Santas on a charity drive!

The sky-diving Santas brought some early Christmas cheer.

Kate Lilley, Variety Marketing and Communications Manger Queensland: “Lots of screams and squeals of excitement and landed on the beach whoops and ho ho hos.”

Les Riley, CEO Variety Queensland: “We wanted to get some exposure for this fantastic event that we are doing at the end of November so what better way than to have some Santas jumping out of the plane.”

The skydive today is designed to promote the charity’s annual Santa Fun Run.

Proceeds from the event will provide specialised mobility equipment for hundreds of children.

Les Riley, CEO Variety Queensland: “At Variety Queensland last year we raised over $2.5-million for special needs kids throughout Queensland, we had a positive effect on over 55,000 children.”

Last year 800 Santas took part in the Variety charity event.

Les Riley, CEO Variety Queensland: “We raised over $35,000 so this year our second year we are hopeful of 1,500 Santas and dollar wise we would be hoping for $50-$60,000.”

This year’s Santas fun run will be held on November the 27th.

Rebekah Fay, QUT News.