Occupy Brisbane protestors have been moved on from Post Office Square in Brisbane today.

Police arrived in the Square at 4.30am this morning to begin negotiations with the group.

Kayla Millhouse reports.


Brisbane City Council decided the group had had enough time to voice their cause, and moved in with police this morning.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “I took a decision on Monday that it was time for Occupy Brisbane to move on.”

Police worked on behalf of the City Council to clear the area before Remembrance Day next Friday.

Supt Brett Schafferius, Queensland Police: “The vast majority of the protesters did move on from out of the square. Unfortunately negotiations failed with approximately half a dozen people.”

The protesters have now found a new home in Queens Park after they posted pleas on twitter for more support.

They claim no notice was given before their forced removal.

Ahmed Al-Qassam, Occupy Protester: “They kinda fenced us like we were animals, put fences around us. Gave us 30 minutes to move away, people were sleeping had to pack up.”

The determination from the remaining protesters hasn’t faded, announcing plans on Twitter to rally George Street tonight.

Protester 1: “We will always come back no matter how many times they shut us down.”

No end date has been announced for the occupation, with many saying they won’t stop until they see a change in the corporate world.

Protester 2: “It’s not a protest, it’s an occupation and it will not end, it will not end until this system ends.”

Kayla Millhouse, QUT News.