A maths program developed by researchers from the Queensland University of Technology is revolutionising the way maths is taught to Indigenous students.

Teachers who participated in the program met at QUT today to celebrate its success.

Erin Smith reports.


The Teaching Indigenous Maths Education or TIME program was established by researchers at QUT’s Indigenous studies centre called YuMi Deadly.

The program aims to bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

Dr Chris Sarra, Stronger Smarter Institute: “It’s a great thing because the philosophical approaches fit so easily together.”

The TIME staff are hoping the program will improve attendance rates.

Tom Cooper, Director of TIME: “If we improve their mathamatics learning they would stay at school.”

The program takes the focus away from text books, taking a practical approach.

Jemma Reinman, Woodcrest State College: “I brought out the maths mat which is created by the YuMi team and when I brought out the maths mat the kids were thinking what on earth are we doing here.”

It took them a long time to work out they could actually stand on the mat and move around and touch things.

Schools which participated in the program saw a significant increase in students level of success.

Erin Smith QUT News