Thousands of passengers around the world are still stranded while Qantas deals with the backlog created by grounding its planes.

Kayla Millhouse reports.


The airline’s staff told international passengers it could take days to get them on their way again.

Many weren’t even aware of the problems until they became stranded at overseas airports.

Vox 1: “We just came out of Costa Rica so we didn’t know much about what was happening, and they couldn’t tell us much down their either.”

Almost 70,000 passengers around the world had their travel plans disrupted when Qantas stopped flying on the weekend.

Vox 2: “The only way they can get us home is fly to singapore, land at 3 o’clock this morning, have to wait around the airport for two hours and then another flight back to Melbourne.”

As the first flights from Brisbane begin to resume, extra staff will be put on to assist customers in their already disrupted travel plans.

Even though Qantas planes are back in the air, it will be some time before many overseas travellers can get to their destinations.

Vox 3: “We were supposed to fly out tonight and uhh that’s not going to happen.”

Kayla Millhouse, QUT News.


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