Laptops have overtaken PCs as the preferred personal computer in Australia.

Endless advances in technology are changing the way we connect at home as well as the office

Guillaume Benoist reports.


The change on the home front has been dramatic – a reflection of the growing choice of devices.

The latest statistics show 61 per cent of households now own at least one laptop computer. That’s up from 38 per cent, just three years ago.

On the other hand, desktops are losing popularity.

Three years ago, 60 per cent of people owned them, today the figure is down to 55 per cent.

Michael Collett, ABC Technology reporter (voice only): “Tablets are definitely the gadget that are getting more popular. I’m not sure if they’re replacing PCs, I don’t think anyone would replace a PC.”

But we may be only seeing the beginning of the home computer revolution.

There’s a third option on the shelves.

New to the market are the tablets – and they’re developing some loyal fans.

Elly Bradfield, Tablet enthusiast: “I think the appeals of the tablet are that you can take it anywhere, you can just put it in your handbag and you’ve got access to the internet on a screen that’s a decent size to read and I really enjoy the fact that it’s so portable.”

It simply comes down to how the devices are going to be used.

Tablets are being used for social media, video games and entertainment but desktop and laptop computers are still the first choice when it comes to work.

Experts say desktop and laptop computers are not going to fade away, with people still buying them for uses that cannot be performed by tablets.

Guillaume Benoist, QUT News.