Three drugs charges have been filed against the 14-year-old Australian boy who was arrested earlier this month in Bali for alleged cannabis possession.

The most serious of the charges carries a six-year jail term.

Natalie Ross reports.


The Australian school boy has been spending the last few days in an Indonesian detention centre with his family.

His lawyer says he’s feeling traumatised after being hounded by media packs since his arrest.

The three drug charges he now faces range from minor, which would see him released for rehabilitation – to very serious, where he could be forced to serve a six-year-jail term in Indonesia’s infamous Kerobokan prison.

Yesterday, the boy’s lawyer, Mohammad Rifan said he hoped they can begin the trial early next week.

Mohammad Rifan, Lawyer: “We hope for next week the court hearing will be starting because I got the confirmation from the prosecutor.”

It has since been announced he will face court on Tuesday, with the trial expected to last at least two weeks.

Natalie Ross, QUT News.