The first visual arts scholarship aimed at launching the careers of promising student painters has been announced at Queensland University of Technology.

The scholarship was donated by late Sunshine Coast painter Hilde Chenhall.

Peter van Rosendal reports.


The Hilde Chenhall Memorial Scholarship in Visual Arts is the first bursary for fine arts students at QUT.

It will award one talented student with $5,000 to support their studies.

Prof Andrew McNamara, Head of QUT Art and Design: “What really makes the bursary different is it’s aiming for a student who is not only doing well in the course but is, they’re looking for a student who will make a contribution to the field of visual arts.”

Mrs Chenhall was a painter for many years and wanted to help disadvantaged painters achieve their dream.

Professor Andrew McNamara, Head of QUT Art and Design: “There’s two aspects to it, she wanted to help an outstanding student in the field and there’s an equity component to it as well, and we have a lot of students who come from different regional backgrounds and maybe disadvantaged backgrounds.”

Students says it would help cover the cost of expensive art supplies.

Aaron Butt, Student Artist: “If I received this scholarship I would spend the money probably entirely just on materials and just put it all back into my art practice, yeah, it would be a great help.”

And the panel say with such a talented pool to choose from, they expect the winner will make an impact on the Brisbane art community.

Dr Courtney Pedersen, Visual Arts Study Area Coordinator: “We’re going to be looking for students whose work is really skilled but also highly innovative in painting and as you’ll probably see in the studio here at the moment that’s a pretty broad pool to judge from.”

Peter van Rosendal, QUT News.