White Ribbon Day, November 25, 2011
White Ribbon Day

Queensland Police and emergency services vehicles are to display stickers of white ribbons on their windscreens in support of a campaign to stop domestic violence.

White Ribbon Day aims to raise awareness of the issue and encourage people to speak out.

Natalie Ross reports.


Domestic violence is a serious issue that affects Australian families across the board.

This year, police, fire and ambulance services are joining forces to bring awareness to the problem with the White Ribbon Day campaign.

They’ll place stickers of white ribbons on their vehicles from November 1, As a reminder that family violence won’t be tolerated.

Stephen Page, White Ribbon Campaign: “One third of Australian women at some stage in their lives will be subject to domestic violence. That’s just got to stop.”

The first step in stopping the violence is promoting awareness.

Peter Wood, Qld Ambulance Service: “By having white ribbons on all our vehicles around our Brisbane city will certainly jolt the memory of people and will allow people to think about it and to take action.”

White Ribbon Day aims to promote awareness of violence against women and combat this matter. Police urge anyone who has seen or experienced this type of violence to contact authorities immediately.

Data from two national surveys has found close to half of all women have experienced violence since the age of fifteen.

Just under one third have experienced physical assault and almost one in five have been sexually assaulted.

Inspector Mick O’Dowd, Brisbane central city: “If there are any issues that they have of concern or they have people they know that have concerns, please by all means contact the domestic violence liaison in their district, wherever they live, contact the police”

National White Ribbon Day is held on November 25.

Natalie Ross, QUT News.