Queenslanders are being warned to prepare for another wet and possibly wild wet season this summer.

The long range forecast released today by the Bureau of Meteorology is showing a trend towards another La Nina event.

Elly Bradfield reports.


Flood victims have complained about the lack of advance notice of the heavy rainfall before the devastation of last summer.

And as this wet season draws closer some people are starting to worry again.

The Bureau of Meteorology is determined not to face the same criticism this year.

Jim Davidson, Bureau of Meteorology: “The most likely scenario during the coming summer months is a La Nina event, but not nearly as strong as we witnessed last season.”

Before January’s flooding: the Southern Oscilation Index was plus twenty-five, September 2010 was the wettest month on record and 90 percent of weather models predicted the large rainfalls.

Jim Davidson, Bureau of Meteorology: “This year when we look at the primary indicators they are telling a different story, but at the same there is enough showing to suggest we could be in for a season that is a little more active than normal.”

With the storm season underway and the cyclone season just around the corner, the bureau of meteorology says now is the time for us to prepare.

Jim Davidson, Bureau of Meteorology: “We can’t afford to let our guard down, it’s no time to be complacent- we saw last year exactly what a very active we season can do for Queensland.”

Last month The State Government said it wouldn’t be lowering water levels in Wivenhoe and North Pine Dams before the wet season, but is now reviewing that decision on the basis of the latest forecast.

Meanwhile, residents are being advised to clean up their yards, trim trees, and prepare emergency kits – just in case of the worst.

Elly Bradfield, QUT News.