A young Brisbane girl has been presented with a bravery award at her primary school in Thornlands.

She pulled an injured schoolfriend from underneath a turning truck.

Caitlin Ritter reports.


Supreeda Phengchaem received a pleasant surprise during her regular Monday morning assembly at Thornlands State Primary School.

Queensland Ambulance presented the 11-year-old with a certficiate of appreciation after her valiant rescue of a friend.

Nigel Fordyce, Qld Ambulance Service: “The assistant commissioner Gavin Trembath would like to recognise Supreeda for her extreme courage and bravery in this particular situation. Supreeda stood with her schoolmate, stood by her side and assisted her until we got there.”

Supreeda was walking home from school on Friday August 12 with eight-year-old Emily Vo when an unlucky choice led them to cross a busy road in a different pattern than usual.

Supreeda Phengchaem, Rescuer: “I pressed the button at the lights and when it went green she walked off first so I didn’t know and then I went and I saw the truck coming and I couldn’t grab her before she got hit.”

A turning truck was unable to see Emily and hit her with its front wheels before Supreeda stepped in.

The truck was still rolling when Supreeda ran in and pulled her friend out from beneath its wheels before she could be hit again.

Supreeda’s father, Glen Jeffery, was feeling the day’s emotions.

Glen Jeffery, Supreeda’s Dad: “My daughter’s with the heart of gold and she just acted and did it, everyone in my family’s proud of her.”

He had one thing he especially wanted to say about his daughter’s actions in August.

Glen Jeffery, Supreeda’s dad: “She’s just a champion, a superhero and a bloody legend in my mind.

Caitlin Ritter, QUT News.