Queensland has turned on the sun, and some big crowds, for Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Brisbane.

It was a flying visit – only hours long – but for tens of thousands of Queenslanders, it’ll be a day to remember.

Elly Bradfield reports


The Queen: “I’m very glad to be back here in Brisbane on my sixteenth visit to Australia. Over the past three decades I’ve watched this city and this state come of age.”

Queen Elizabeth was greeted by the Premier Anna Bligh as she flew into the Sunshine state this morning.

Anna Bligh, QLD Premier: “I thank you for your visit your majesty for visiting our state and behalf of all of the people of Queensland, a very warm friendly Queensland welcome.”

The Queen had a very busy day – beginning with a cruise along the Brisbane River, where the Premier pointed out the sites that were worst-affected by January’s disastrous floods.

Anna Bligh, QLD Premier: “We are very pleased that our river brought you hear today is on her best behaviour, 10 months ago it was a very different story.”

The Queen and Prince Phillip greeted the huge crowds – posing for pictures and accepting flowers.

Some people have been staking out prime positions since the early hours of this morning, just to catch a glimpse of her majesty as she tours the Southbank Parklands.

From there, the Queen attended a private meeting with flood and cyclone victims and emergency personnel who helped during the disasters.

The Queen: “I wish you, the people of Brisbane, every success as you continue to rebuild the damage from the storms with the energy and the optimism for which you are renowned.”

The Royal couple had lunch with the Premier and The Queensland Governor before returning to Canberra to complete the rest of their Australian tour.

Elly Bradfield, QUT news