Brisbane Roar players have given Mission Australia’s Cafe One a helping hand today as a part of Anti-Poverty Week.

Nearly 11 per cent of Australians experienced poverty in 2006 and more are expected to be reported when the 2011 census is released.

Kate Morrison reports.


Penny Gillespie, Mission Australia Qld State Director: “It’s lovely to have these two fine young fellas with us today, coming down to spend some of their time to lend a hand, help out, meet some of our clients and particularly draw attention to this week which is antipoverty week.”

The Roar promotes itself as a healthy, family-oriented sporting club with strong commitments to community.

Shane Stefanutto, Brisbane Roar: “We just want to come down and help out and, like we say, put a smile on everyone’s face and make people aware that there are certain people doing it tough in the community.”

Cafe One enables homeless people to develop relationships and have access to community services in a comfortable environment.

Vox 1: “A great help, especially in times like these.”

Pensioners, unemployed Australians and low income families are among those at highest risk of experiencing poverty.

Vox 2: “What is achieved is social inclusion, as opposed to life or social exclusion, living without family and friends on the street on a cold hard day and night. So the benefit is a collective place where you make friendships as well as food together.”

Despite a 19 per cent increase in the inflation rate in the last five years, the Queensland Council of Social Service reported that the price of essentials have increased up to 63 per cent.

Anti-Poverty Week encourages Australians to discuss the issue and find solutions.

It ends on Saturday.

Kate Morrison, QUT News.