A new website designed to help Queenslanders plan for natural disasters has been launched in Brisbane.

The portal, called ‘Harden Up Queensland’, brings together 150 years of the state’s weather data to create disaster timelines, trends and predictions.

Tara Bosworth reports.


Queenslanders are still recovering from some of the state’s worst natural disasters in history.

In a bid to help, the Federal and State Governments together with Green Cross Australia have launched the Harden Up website designed to better prepare Queenslanders for future disasters.

Mara BĂșn, CEO Green Cross Australia: “You’ll be able to really understand: ‘What’s happening here in my suburb for the past 150 years?’ and then with that kind of motivation take steps to get prepared.”

The website was launched by Attorney-General Robert McClelland and Queensland Police Minister Neil Roberts.

Robert McClelland, Federal Attorney-General: “This sort of local knowledge is unquestionably going to save lives.”

Neil Roberts, Qld Emergency Services Minister: “We need to start thinking about what we can do at every level to respond to disasters.”

The portal will include case studies of more than 3000 Queensland floods, storms and cyclones, as well as preparation tips that are specifically designed to suit various house types.

Neil Roberts, Qld Emergency Services Minister: “Individuals alone can make a big difference to the pressure which is put on emergency services agencies and police.”

The portal has come just in time for what the Bureau of Meteorology has predicted to be another challenging cyclone season.

Tara Bosworth, QUT News.