Despite the January floods, tourism in Queensland is looking to make a come back.

Tourism Minister Jan Jarratt has announced a $4-million boost for the industry.

Naomi Lynch reports.


‘Vitamin Me’ is the slogan for the campaign.

It promises a remedy for the pressures of daily life, a holiday in Queensland.

The minister hopes the new plan will boost tourism, which suffered after the floods.

CEO of Tourism Queensland, Anthony Hayes, says this campaign should reignite the industry.

Anthony Hayes, Tourism Queensland CEO: “We found that last summer a lot of the people who disappeared because of the floods and cyclones were the intrastate market.”

The ‘Vitamin Me’ campaign hopes to increase the number of domestic and intrastate tourists in Queensland.

The Australian dollar could still affect the number of international tourists this year, another reason this campaign is being directed at locals.

The tourism minister says Australians have accumulated more than 123-million days of annual leave and are overdue for a break.

Jan Jarratt, Queensland Tourism Minister: “What we’re encouraging everyone to do this summer is to get out into Queensland – perhaps somewhere local or somewhere new.”

Despite the rough start to the year, Mr Hayes says the future looks promising.

Anthony Hayes, Tourism Queensland CEO: “We’re going to celebrate the summer. We’re going to celebrate the re-birth of the tourism industry because we know we’re in for a great year ahead.”

Naomi Lynch, QUT News