The newly-formed Australian Party has welcomed nine new candidates to join the race for seats in the next Queensland election.

The contenders attended a two day forum led by party leader Bob Katter.

Lucy Emlyn-Jones reports.


Bob Katter and the Australian Party presented a united front outside Parliament House.

The fledgling party has had two days of talks, and today unveiled the latest candidates to join its bid to take over the Queensland Government.

Aidan McLindon, Queensland Leader Australia Party: “I’m proud to announce today another nine candidates have been added to the list and we now have over a third of the seats filled.”

The recent legal battles between the government and the coal seam gas industry also were a key discussion point.

Aidan McLindon, Queensland Leader Australia Party: “We are the only party in that parliament that has been pushing this issue now for quite some time and I said in the last twenty-four hours we are now starting to see the ramifications of the government and the Liberal party rejecting that proposition of a moratorium.”

Mr Katter gave a wide-ranging address, covering issues such as the aluminium industry, the carbon tax and agriculture but remained vague about when party policy would be available.

Bob Katter, Member for Kennedy: “We will be doing it our speed, releasing those policies, at our time and our choosing. Clearly there will be fundamental differences.”

Mr Katter and Mr McLindon refused to talk about the past and issues such as the government dirt files were taken off the table. Instead the Australian Party wanted to focus on the future and running the now forty-one Queensland candidates in the next state election.

There was no song and dance today from the Australian Party, only a clear message to their opponents.

Aidan McLindon Queensland Leader of the Australia Party: “No seat will be safe at the next state election.”

Lucy Emlyn-Jones QUT News.